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How to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum (BTC to ETH)?

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How to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum (BTC to ETH)?

On Changelly, you can easily exchange BTC to any other crypto of those listed on the platform. However, one can say that Ethereum (ETH) is one of the major assets of the contemporary crypto market. Ethereum is based on its own blockchain technology, which is also widely implemented to launch tokens. That is why how to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum (BTC to ETH) is one of the most demanded questions in crypto exchange segment.

How to buy Bitcoin?

The first step in exchanging Bitcoin for Ethereum is obtaining Bitcoins. There are different ways to acquire them: you can mine BTC, accept BTC as a means of payment for your goods or services, or just buy BTC, exchanging your fiat money to crypto. Buying BTC is the easiest and the fastest way to credit your crypto balance. Please feel free to learn more about how to buy bitcoin.

How to learn Bitcoin exchange rates?

The first question is what is the Bitcoin exchange rate? There are at least three possible meanings:

  • average rate calculated on the basis of current market activity on a specific date; this data can be classified as statistical, and allows to evaluate market tendencies;
  • current rate estimated upon the bid set on the exchange;
  • individual rate suggested by the party accepting your fiat payment, in case you are willing to buy Bitcoins with a card.

All these rates are accurate, and they differ significantly one from another. That is why we attract your attention to this point so that you could evaluate the outcome of your conversion.

Where to exchange Bitcoin with the best fees?

Crypto exchange process presumes paying fees, and it’s quite important to understand which entity charges each of them, in order to minimize both expenses and risks. On Changelly, there are two types of fees charged from your transaction: Changelly fee and network fee.

Changelly fee always makes 0.5% of the output amount, and it is the most considerable fee on the market.

On the other hand, there is also the network fee, charged by the blockchain itself. While sending funds to Changelly, you can set up the amount of fee that you find acceptable. However, we do not recommend setting the lowest fee possible, for in this case your transaction can be processed for a very long time and you might lose a good exchange rate due to this delay.

How to instantly convert BTC to ETH?

One of the easiest ways to convert BTC-to-ETH is Changelly instant exchange. It is available on our website as well as on the websites of our partners or affiliates. You’re always welcome to exchange ETH instantly via our Exchange Widget.

Just insert the recipient wallet address, send the payment from your BTC wallet, and receive your ETH. There is also a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to exchange BTC for ETH to lead you through the process.

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