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by Red Hot Admin - 2 days ago

Money20/20 USA Day 1 Round-up

This October sees the return of the US edition of Money20/20. Hosted live in Las Vegas, Money20/20 eschews any notion of webinars, remote conferencing, or hybrid events, and aims to bring in-person innovation back to the world of fintech events. 2021...

by Red Hot Admin - 2 days ago

Latest Fintech Jobs New This Week: 25/10

If you’re looking for a new job, you have very much come to the right place. Our job board is seeing loads of extra traffic at the moment, so it’s a great time to put out some applications if you are seeking a change. Check out these exciting roles,...

by Red Hot Admin - 2 days ago

Are We Nearing Peak Card?

With major players such as Plaid pushing forward the pay-from-bank-account ecosystem, it may not be too long before your supermarket QR-driven wallet will offer you double points for defaulting to that option and paying without cards.

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