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Bitcoin price and exchange rates

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Bitcoin price and exchange rates

While speaking of Bitcoin rates on the exact date, you should always keep in mind that this is a median rate, calculated as the average price on the market. This is the sort of information provided by multiple platforms, such as CoinMarketCap. However, the rate dynamics is much more complicated than that. The average price you can look up represents a general tendency, and cannot be guaranteed for your particular purchase. This is the peculiarity of crypto that makes it closer to stock markets rather than traditional fiat currencies like euro or dollar – the price of BTC or any other crypto can fluctuate every moment, depending on the market situation.

Bitcoin price today

So, the question is, how to evaluate the price of BTC today in order to plan your own purchases or exchanges. In case you just wish to be aware of general dynamics, feel free to check CoinMarketCap or other resources, providing average rates and graphs for your information. However, thorough planning of your own purchase might require evaluating the current rate which fluctuates every moment. To be aware of the current rate at the exact moment, you might either check the rate at any well-reputed exchange market, like Bittrex or Poloniex or just use the calculator on Changelly website. In the latter case, you’ll get the estimated rate provided by our banking card payment partner, i.e.the particular rate that will be applied to your transaction in case you decide to buy Bitcoin on Changelly.

Bitcoin price charts

Each major exchange market can be used as a universal source of practical information since it is the place where you can learn the price of Bitcoin or any other coin you are interested in right from the horse’s mouth.

Still, there are some things to point out:

  • read graphs carefully – the volatility of crypto makes every minute count;
  • the situation in different markets varies, so in case you wish to buy bitcoins on one of them, any charts or rates obtained elsewhere are of no reference;
  • in case you are planning to buy Bitcoin from any third party, the actual rate also might differ significantly from those displayed in the market chart.

Bitcoin exchange rate

On Changelly, all exchange rates are calculated automatically within seconds. Thus, you can use our Exchange Widget or the main page as a calculator. In this case, our robot will provide you with the actual rate corresponding to the current situation. If you are willing to buy Bitcoin with a banking card, the rate will be the one offered by our card payment provided at this very moment. On the other hand, if you want to exchange some other crypto to Bitcoin, our robot will put a bid on several markets to choose the best offer available, so that you can get the best rate just in few moments. Yes, it’s just that simple!

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