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Paysend Unveils Beta For New Global Account

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Paysend, an international payments and money transfer company, is today announcing the beta program for its new Global Account service. Built by a team of ex-Revolut engineers and designers, Global Account is a simple mobile app that allows people to hold, move and spend multiple currencies globally.

Ronnie Millar, CEO, said, “This is another great first for our team. We have created an award winning product that changes how consumers can control and spend their money — as well as continuing to define what money of the future is: money without borders”.

The Global Account puts customers in control of what currency their Paysend card spends. When a customer touches down in a new country, they can instantly link the card to the currency of their choosing and pay like a local — without fees or hidden transaction costs. They’re able to hold multiple currencies in their account, with support for anything from US dollars to British Pounds, as well as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

The Global Account beta will roll out gradually over the next months, with a waiting list opening today. Early access users will enjoy their free Global Account before anyone else, along with the opportunity to shape the future of the product through feedback sent directly to the product team.

With over 200,000 existing customers using its products, Paysend is the next-generation payments platform and a pioneer in international card-to-card payments. The company’s Global Account leverages its deep knowledge in the sector, along with its battle-tested infrastructure to deliver a better way to interact with your money, wherever you are in the world.

Global Account utilises Paysend’s existing card processing infrastructure, licence agreements and its direct relationships with Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay, so the team can build reliable products, faster than the competition.

Alex Murashko, Product Lead for Global Account, said that: “In today’s global world, we all have mobile-first, busy lives. We’re building a simple money app for a new digital generation of people. Our product was designed to create a clear, calm experience for the customer whilst giving them complete control of their money.”

Global Account is already winning awards, too. It took the ‘best cards initiative’ award at the Paytech awards in 2018, and was presented live for the first time at FinovateSpring 2018 in Santa Clara, California, as a leading FinTech product.

Paysend recently closed a $20 million funding round to roll out Global Account along with other new services, and has seen a three-fold increase in users over the last six months. Paysend is FCA regulated in the UK, and is an acquiring and issuing member of Mastercard.

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