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Fintech / Fintech News - 1 week ago

Brentry Not Brexit for LHV

Interview by Zoya Malik With BREXIT looming, forcing many large banking groups to consider exiting Britain, LHV, Estonia’s largest payment partner for global fintechs and fastest growing domestic financial group, is doing the opposite and expanding i...

Fintech / Fintech News - 1 week ago

Take Card Payments and Prepare the Future

Increasingly, people are using their cards to pay for good and services rather than relying on cash. In the future we may well be using other payment methods and different currencies to pay for what we need.  Right now, however, the public are using...

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Fintech / Fintech News - 1 week ago

 Get with the Future Take Bitcoin Card Payments

Bitcoin is here and more and more it is becoming the currency of the supply chain. This is driven by the capabilities of bitcoin and the transparency bitcoin offers. More and more businesses with complex supply chains can put in contractual documenta...

Fintech / Fintech News - 1 week ago

Gemalto: Biometrics with Security at its Heart

Interview by Zoya Malik  Mobile and online purchasing via contactless cards is struggling to gain ground due to consumers’ mistrust of security within the payment system, against fraud. Zoya Malik (Managing Editor, TFT) Rather than rendering consume...