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Ads pay for servers

Crytocurrency / Ethereum - 2 weeks ago

Live: Devcon5 Final Ticket Appeals

This is it: Final appeals are the last way to book your ticket to Osaka for Devcon 5 Note: All participants in the on-chain Devcon Ticket Raffle and Auction will receive an NFT-ticket to Devcon5! In the next days, your ERC-721 a...

Crytocurrency / Ethereum - 3 weeks ago

Devcon5 On-Chain Ticket Sale

Over the last few months, we’ve been coordinating with the talented team over at to bring an NFT-based on-chain ticketing solution to the Ethereum community in time for Devcon5. This experiment will take place in two...

Crytocurrency / Ethereum - 4 weeks ago

Translating Ethereum for our Global Community

This post is available in several langauges: 你好,世界 | 为我们的全球社区翻译 안녕하세요 | 글로벌 커뮤니티를 위한 번역 프로젝트 ハロー ワールド | グローバル コミュニティのために を翻訳しよ...