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Crytocurrency / Ethereum - 4 days ago

Development Update #1 -

⭐ Introducing Ethereum Studio Today we’re excited to release v 1.0 of Ethereum Studio: a simple web-based IDE, which lives right on One of the most consistent suggestions we’ve received for is to improv...

Crytocurrency / Ethereum - 1 week ago

eth2 quick update no. 3

Welcome to the third installment of eth2 quick update. tldr; Harden fork choice defences in response to audits Introducing Herumi grant for a super-fast BLS implementation Fork choice defenses This week,...

Crytocurrency / Ethereum - 2 weeks ago

eth2 quick update no. 2

Welcome to the second installment of eth2 quick update. tldr; Spec release of v0.9.0 -- Tonkatsu to ensure Phase 0 development can continue unimpeded. Work continues in ironing out the details of the modified Phase 1 proposal. Q...

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Crytocurrency / Ethereum - 3 weeks ago

eth2 quick update

Although the internet has been more quiet than usual, we’ve been super busy hacking away on eth2! Between Devcon5 and keeping our heads down to work, it seems we’ve left the community in the dark on a couple of items. Here’s a q...